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It's all about the details


Live in one of our 12 brand new apartments featuring high ceilings, large windows, quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, large soaking tubs, highly efficient central heat and air conditioning. Enjoy shopping in the mercantile, located just downstairs!

Clinton Street_1.jpg
Clinton Street_2.jpg
Clinton Street_3.jpg
Apartment 1

Starting at $1150

Apartment 2

Starting at $950

Apartment 3

Starting at $950

Clinton Street_4.jpg
Clinton Street_5.jpg
Clinton Street_6.jpg
Apartment 4

Starting at $985

Apartment 5

Starting at $750

Apartment 6

Starting at $1100

Clinton Street_8.jpg
Clinton Street_7.jpg
Clinton Street_9.jpg
Apartment 7

Starting at $995

Apartment 8

Starting at $1350

Apartment 9

Starting at $975

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